Congratulations! You are where you want to be. This is my work. My writing. My films. My experience. Skip the small talk. This is what you are here for.
  1. Working Title
    Ahh... my first film. Ever. Made for a high school film class, it was a riveting experience that I look so fondly on and am proud of. However, I am even more proud that I actually know what I am doing now. Still, the car scene, horror scene, and suspense scene hold a special place in my little heart considering I filmed the grand majority of them. Not terrible for an newb.
  2. Strings
    A cute little short for film school to show off some camera techniques. If you haven't seen Daniel Barnz's "Cake" with Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick... you are missing out.
  3. The Little Things
    A little movie trailer to show off the beauty that is the East Coast of Florida.
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