an original filmmaker...shocking right?

"Who's Page Am I Even On..."

I am glad you asked. That up there in big letters is my name. But you can call me Alli. I am a film student at Meadows School of the Arts at SMU in Dallas, Texas. Film student is a little broad so, more specifically, I am a writer. I also direct and dabble in cinematography and editing. I'm only a first year which is why I use the term "dabble." It wont be that way for long. I'm an amatuer. A bold amateur, obviously. In addition to filmmaking, I write poetry and work as the content writer for Meadows Marketing. When I am not doing any of those things I like to play the guitar and scout out the local music venues. Don't get it twisted. I'm not a musician. Unless someone wants to make me one... The world is the East Coast of Florida and I am a Cat 5 hurricane. I can say that. I'm a Floridian.
In All Seriousness
For all the art I can do, I abolutely CANNOT draw. If that is what you are looking for... sorry. I've tried... It's not happening.
Writing is my niche. Nonfiction, science fiction, poetry, journalism, screenwriting, and just about anything else you can think of. I have probably done it, and if I haven't I'm ready to. I am up for hire.
I have been on both sides of the camera, growing up in drama and theatre as well as choir; I am not new here. Performing and creating have been apart of my life for all that I have lived of it. I'm in love with the arts, and if I am given the chance, I would love to do it for all the life I have yet to live.